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Terms & Conditions


It is a pre-condition to our evaluation of your submission of any ideas, treatments, scripts and formats to us (including any prior and any subsequent submissions you may make), that you acknowledge that this does not create a confidential relationship between us. You further acknowledge that we are developing and/or receiving from third parties other submissions of ideas, treatment, scripts and formats that may be similar to or even identical to those submitted by you.  You understand and agree that our use of material containing features and elements similar or identical to those contained in the materials submitted by you shall not obligate us to negotiate with you or entitle you to any compensation where we have an independent legal right to use such other material because (i) you do not own or control such material or such features or elements, and/or (ii) the material, features and elements used by us are in the public domain, are not new or novel, are not legally protected or protectable and/or (iii) were independently developed by us or obtained by us from other sources. 

You confirm that you have retained a copy of all materials submitted to us and that we are not obligated to return your materials to you nor shall we be liable for loss or damage to the same. 

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