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Being Billie

Being Billie

Live-Action Comedy


Musically talented 14-year-old Billie just landed a place at a prestigious school for the performing arts. To help her find her voice, Billie’s Grandfather Big Jay has stepped in as ‘guardian angel’. A legendary rapper from the 80s, Jay is a lyrical master with an eccentric personality and an extravagant flare. He also passed away over a decade ago…

In Development with Blooming Media

Blooming Media are an Amsterdam-based media company, with over 20 years of experience within the industry. Their experienced leadership team brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to both the creative and production processes within television and film. Blooming Media’s award-winning work is available across a vast array of platforms, earning accolades within the international industry.

Full show bible available upon request.

26x 25mins

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